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Top 5 tips for choosing an Estate Agent to sell your home

Camborne Rd,SW18 as featured in The Sunday Times

Showing you 5 key points to think about when choosing an estate agent, we'll help you through the do's, not the don'ts:

  1. Choose an estate agent that can market your property right.
  2. When it comes to marketing, your estate agent not only needs to know how to do it well, they need to know how to do it differently so that you feel happy with the marketing before it's launched to the masses. From bespoke publications and featurettes, to local advertising, is your estate agent able to tick all the boxes you need when it comes to promoting your property so that it's seen by the right people? Check out one of our property features in The Sunday Times right here to show how word can be spread with the right marketing ideas.

  3. Consider an estate agent with transparent terms and fees.
  4. Check the small print when instructing an agent; most agents charge on a 'sole agency basis', but if you instruct more than one it's called a multiple agency contract and the % commission is higher, therefore your fees are higher. With our unique fixed fee policy, you're never caught out when it comes to costs as these are transparent from the beginning. Many circumstances may change during your move, but rest assured that our fees never will.

  5. Find a team that knows your area well
  6. Location, location, location. There's a successful television show named after this for a reason, it's incredibly important. In choosing a new London property, schools, train stations, and local amenities matter. So why use an estate agent that doesn't know your area at all? With two locations based in Southfields and Putney, we know South West London and its offerings like the back of YOUR hand. As estate agents that both live and work locally, we're able to guide you through market hotspots in the areas you know and love; if location is important to you, it's important to us.

  7. Find an agent you can trust.
  8. Handing over probably your largest asset to anyone is no easy feat, but what if you didn't trust your estate agent to begin with? As a homeowner, having an estate agent that you believe in is a must. Whether through local word of mouth, testimonial or internet reviews, start off on a good foot with an estate agent that you feel confident in. It's a good idea to visit the office and see how helpful the staff are too, and see if you are comfortable with the overall impression you come away with.

  9. Find an agent with multi office coverage.
  10. Finding an estate agent with a great database of customers is pivotal in the promotion of a property, so what better way to find this than a company with multi-office coverage? While many neglect high street agents for recognisable, branding, independent estate agents with multi-office coverage can provide a more concise database of clients, cross marketing your property in an attuned, local capacity.

So there you have it, five simple tips to remember when choosing an estate agent. From the right marketing to trustworthy teams, finding the right estate agent could be far easier than you think.

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