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Property Management in Putney, Southfields, Earlsfield and Wandsworth

Well-managed properties rent for more

Managing a rental property can be a headache for any landlord. If things go wrong, it always seems to happen at night or over a weekend. That's when having a reliable property management service between you and the tenant is really worthwhile. And of course, if you're not living locally, then a property manager who is only a few minutes away from the problem is a great advantage.

There's another aspect too. Good property management keeps tenants happy. It means they are less likely to leave, and more likely to accept rent increases when reviews come around.

At Seymour Green we manage a portfolio of rental properties throughout South West London. Consequently, we have an enviable address book full of tradesmen like locksmiths, plumbers, glaziers, joiners, electricians, gas fitters, repairmen, decorators, plasterers, roofers and more. They're all local, and because we are good customers, they respond quickly when we call.

As we already bill our customers for property management (£750 a year), we don't mark-up tradesmen's bills, either time or materials. It's a service that makes sense and makes money. By the way, we're happy to manage property, even where we haven't organised the let.

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