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The Estate Agency with a fair flat-fee structure

Fees for work done, not for property value

It's always seemed unreasonable the more a property sells or lets for, the more the agent makes. But for the estate agent the costs of dealing with a larger property are not too much more than handling a smaller one: they certainly don't rise in synch with the final transaction price. So why should the customer have to pay a percentage of value?

At Seymour Green, we don’t think that's fair. Rather, we give you a fixed quote when you appoint us to sell or let, and that's the price we stick to. It's a transparent pricing policy, and one that's more than competitive compared with agents that charge percentage-of-value fees.

Sole agency fees start from
£5000 for a house
£3000 for a flat

Multiple agency fees start from
£7500 for a house
£5000 for a flat.

Letting is a little more complex, because we offer different levels of service. But the fees are still fixed. We'll tell you exactly what the service you require will cost. Our headline fees are:

Letting fees start at
£1350 for a house
£850 for a flat

Property Management
£750 a year

Small print
There is none, except that VAT is charged at the governing rate.

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